Working with Workday® R-a-a-S Reports Using MuleSoft®

MuleSoft® is a leading platform for building application networks and Workday® is a leader in Cloud-based ERP solutions (finance and human resources). Workday and MuleSoft® are technology partners and part of MuleSoft’s grand vision of achieving a network of applications.

MuleSoft® has a mature Workday connector which gives the capability to call very powerful set of Workday Webservices that give us access to read and write data into Workday®. However, if we need information that spans across Workday business objects or if we need some complex querying the standard web services might not be the answer.

Here is where Report-as-a-Service comes to the rescue.

What is R-a-a-S (as it applies to Workday®)
As the name suggests, we can expose Workday® reports as a REST or SOAP web service. It is ridiculously simple to web-service-enable your custom report. You just have to click a checkbox and your web service is ready.

Points to remember:
1.Per Workday® recommendation, we should never use the standard reports for R-a-a-s integrations.
2.While creating the custom report in Workday, always select ‘report type’ as ‘advanced’. Simple report types cannot be exposed as a web service.

How to create a R-a-a-S report

Check the box to ‘Enable As Web Service’ and you are on your way.

Once the report creation is complete, you can get a link to the Web Service as shown below.

You can get a link for WSDL, CSV, RSS or JSON formats.

We can use this link and call the relevant REST or SOAP service as required.

We can test our API using Postman:

Call the REST API using Mule

HTTP Configuration