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Accessing File from Network Mapped Drive

Author: Nisha Kshirsagar

Use case: When there is a requirement to access a file from a network mapped drive then it is possible to use File Connector to fulfill this requirement. Following example shows a demonstration of the same.

In the above picture “Incoming” is a network mapped drive. We want to access the files from “Incoming” as and when they are readily available.

Note:  The user on which the MuleSoft service is running should have all the necessary permissions assigned related to the network mapped drive.

  • Create a mule project as shown below. Here we have created a very simple flow. It has an “On New or Updated File “ connector followed by a simple logger. In logger we are just displaying the name of the file.

2)  The file connector configurations are as below:

The working directory is fetched from the properties file.

In the file path, the server name should be prefixed by \\\\ and the following folder structure should have \\.

For eg: \\\\server-name\\parent-folder\\child-folder\\desired-folder

3) The logger will display whenever the flow is triggered.

4) Run the application.

These input files are dropped in the dedicated folder. Now the flow gets triggered and the logger is printed on the console.

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