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Anypoint Cloudhub 2.0 Last Mile Security

Authors: Indresh Gupta & Uttpal K Gupta

What is Last Mile Security(LMS) ?

Last-mile security means that the connection between the ingress and the actual Mule app will be HTTPS. Unlike cloudhub 1.0, In cloudhub 2.0 there is no need to configure different ports i.e 8081 for HTTP and 8082 for HTTPS. If we try to put simply HTTPs in the listener then deploy it to the Runtime Manager as CH2.0 application. Now, if we test the request will not hit the application. For that we need to select the option: “Last-Mile Security” under the Ingress section, then only our requests get processed successfully.

Let’s understand this by creating an application and deploying it.

Step 1: Create a small application in Anypoint Studio running on HTTPS protocol and on port 8081 as shown in the below screenshot.

Below is the application created in Anypoint Studio with the endpoint name /test.

Step 2:  Export the application.

Step 3:  Login to https://www.anypoint.mulesoft.com using your credentials if you have else create a trial account and then login.

Step 4 : Click on the Runtime Manager as shown below.

Step 5: Click on the Deploy application button in blue.

Step 6: Give a name to your application, select Deployment target as cloudhub 2.0 and upload the jar you have exported under the application file section as shown below.

Step 7: Click on Ingress tab, for now do not check the Last-Mile Security option and click on Deploy Application and let the application deploy.

Step 8: Once the application is successfully deployed as status is Running, click on the application name  and click on the settings button on the left.

Step 9: Copy the Public Endpoint URL as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 10: Open a new tab and paste the Public Endpoint URL and the endpoint name as shown below and hit enter. Failure message received in below snip.

Step 11: Again, go to Ingress tab under settings and check the Last-Mile Security and click on Apply Changes.

 Step 12: Go to the Public Endpoint URL tab and again hit the endpoint, this time it will give success response as shown in the below image.

It indicates to us, “Last-Mile Security” under the Ingress section will need to be selected. Now, if we perform the test again it would be a Success in CH2.0.

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