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Apisero x Rubrik: Leveraging technology to empower a more diverse workforce

Authors: Varsha Chauhan and Xavier Emery

Over the past two years, Apisero, an NTT DATA Company, has proudly earned the prestigious title of MuleSoft Global Humanitarian Partner of the Year not once, but twice. This exceptional recognition is bestowed upon MuleSoft/Salesforce partners who develop programs that champion diversity and inclusion, perfectly aligning with MuleSoft’s core principle of equality. Apisero’s back-to-back recognitions were attributed to its flagship programs, VRVSS and SSI, among other impactful community initiatives like How to Mule, MuleSoft Meetups, and BBNTBs. 

At the heart of these endeavors beats a shared passion and unwavering commitment to giving back to our community, empowering individuals to forge successful careers in the thriving and fast-changing IT industry. These community programs were conceived to ensure the continuous growth and development of Apisero’s ecosystem by harnessing the powerful products and solutions offered by Salesforce. Through these initiatives, Apisero has the privilege of empowering underrepresented individuals worldwide, including those facing employment challenges, by providing them with cutting-edge training in integration technology. 

Recently, Apisero, an NTT DATA Company, joined forces with Rubrik to launch the second cohort of an extraordinary community initiative called the IT SpringBoard program. 

Here’s what inspired Ajay Sabhlok, Rubrik’s Chief Information Officer to start this program: ”One key problem I encountered when trying to look for diverse talent in the marketplace was the challenge to find skilled candidates with historically underrepresented backgrounds. So I partnered with the ambassadors from Rubrik Beyond Work – our employee-led community service group – to launch the Rubrik SpingBoard Program. The goal of this initiative is to help train candidates with a basic understanding of technology and fundamental IT skills, such as Salesforce, provide hands-on learning opportunities, and then help them break into IT jobs.”

Partnering with Rubrik to Empower the Community with MuleSoft 

The global leader in Zero Trust Data Security, Rubrik, was established in January 2014 and has been on a journey of unstoppable growth. As part of their corporate social responsibility program, Rubrik Beyond Work, Rubrik dedicates at least 1% of employee time to giving back to the community. 

In line with our shared values, Apisero, an NTT DATA Company, is proud to collaborate with Rubrik and the diversity alliances, including Us in Technology, Techqueria, Divergence Academy, Out in Tech, and Flat Iron School, to support their CSR initiative, Springboard for IT Skills Apprenticeship program. This extraordinary program serves as a transformative stepping stone, enabling underrepresented groups to enter the dynamic world of high-tech. Through mentorship and immersive hands-on learning opportunities, the IT Springboard program equips talented students and professionals with the critical platform skills necessary to embark on successful IT careers. 

The EVP, Chief Learning Officer at Apisero, Charles Henry Jude D’Souza says, “The IT Springboard initiative provides us an opportunity to give back to society and make a difference. We are thrilled to partner with Rubrik and help these students establish a strong career in the IT Space.” 

The program offers a diverse range of learning tracks developed by Rubrik, including some dedicated toward Salesforce Admin, Tableau Developer, Netsuite Admin, and more. Apisero takes the lead in overseeing the program’s MuleSoft learning track. The software interns enrolled in this track receive

comprehensive training centered around the Anypoint Platform, covering essential topics such as VCS, Build Tools, Jenkins, Project Management, and more, ultimately culminating in certification opportunities. 

Powerful Perspectives: Intern Testimonials Unveil the Program’s Impact 

In March 2023, three talented individuals embarked on their journey as software interns at Apisero. They have successfully completed the Greenfield training and are now progressing through the MCD L-1 training. We are thrilled and deeply humbled to receive exceptional feedback from these interns, highlighting the transformative impact of our program. 

Shana Evans, one of our Mulesoft Developer Apprentices, shares her experience with enthusiasm: “My journey as a Mulesoft Developer Apprentice with Apisero has been truly fulfilling. Our primary instructor, Mahesh, is not only personable and knowledgeable, but also ensures comprehensive training through hands-on activities, lectures, labs, and exams. This has equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive in the world of MuleSoft. I eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects that await me in this dynamic environment!” 

Andrew Kapsa, another intern, expresses his appreciation for the program, stating: “This training experience has been truly wonderful for me. I value the opportunity to learn about the industry’s current tools through this program. Unlike many training courses that only cover the basics, leaving you to search for the latest techniques on your own, Apisero’s training is engaging, fun, and in-depth. I can’t wait to delve into the upcoming months and see what lies ahead!” 

As a software intern, Edmund Adjei was delighted to share with us his experiences, saying: ‘’My encounter with Apisero, a company advocating for minorities, has been a transformative experience. From the second I stepped through their virtual doors, I felt a genuine sense of belonging and empowerment. Apisero’s commitment to fostering a diverse workforce was evident in every aspect of its operations. The interview process was refreshingly inclusive, with a focus on assessing skills and potential rather than solely relying on traditional credentials. Once I joined the team, the support and mentorship I received were unparalleled. The company has a structured mentorship program specifically designed to empower minorities and help them excel in their careers. ’ 

We firmly believe that with the right support and infrastructure, we will continue to nurture a strong pool of candidates who will not only excel in their careers but also pave the way for those who follow in their footsteps. 

MuleSoft/Salesforce has provided Apisero, an NTT DATA Company, with abundant growth opportunities, establishing us as a key player in the industry. This program is our way of giving back to the community that has supported us along this incredible journey. Interested in learning more about Rubrik’s IT Springboard program? Click here.

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