AWS – Salesforce Integration

Author: Shubham Tidke

AWS TO SALESFORCE [No Code Approach]

This article explains how to fetch data from AWS to Salesforce.

Salesforce has external data sources and external objects to fetch data from the AWS dynamodb table to Salesforce sObjects.

AWS Setup

I.  Create a dynamoDB table

  • Create a dynamodb table with fields [id, name, website].
  • To connect Salesforce with AWS, we need AWS credentials: URL, Region, Access key id and Access secret key.
  • Go to security credentials -> Access keys to get the required credentials.
Salesforce Setup

II. Create a Named Credential to store AWS credentials

  • Go to setup->Security->Named Credentials.
  • Select ‘new legacy’, and update the label and URL.
  • The URL will be https://dynamodb.<your-region>
  • Select the Identity type as ‘Named Principal’ and Authentication protocol ‘AWS Signature Version 4’.

III. Create an External data source

  • Go to setup -> search ‘external data source’->new external data source, Select type – Amazon Dynamodb.
  • In Named Credentials, select the creds we created in the last step and save.

IV. Create an External Object

  • Go to setup -> search ‘external Object’->new external Object.
  • Select External Data Source and provide the table name. 
  • The table name will be the dynamodb table name we created in AWS.
  • Make sure you create a tab for the external object so that we can see records.
  • Create fields for the external Object same as we have in the dynamoDB table in AWS.
  • Now, go to the external data source, select your data source, and click on “Validate and Sync”.
  • Select the data source and click on ‘Sync’.
  • Once the Sync is complete, search for the external object and you will see the records from the AWS dynamodb table.

In this way, we can fetch AWS Dynamo records in Salesforce.

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