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Contacts – Solution Design Document

Author: Jeetan Madaan


This document will articulate the solution design of a restful interface that allows front facing applications create & retrieve contacts  from a backend MongoDB database.

Solution Architecture

User Story

  1. Contact App-1 will pass in the name & type of the contact to the Contact API and it should create a document in contact collection.
  2. Contact App-2 can only pass in name and Contact API should pass in the default type while creating the document in the contact collection.

Solution Components

Front End Contact App-1

  1. In an enterprise environment, contacts are created through different channels, but we will use an angularJS web app. In this angular app, users will have the ability to provide the name & type through a form interface & we will use http service to invoke the restful contact API served from Mule runtime.

Front End Contact App-2

  1. Though Contact-App-2 can be any other application that can make a restful call, but to maintain the simplicity of the user story & enable demo, we will reuse the contact app-1 & create another app that will only require the name & not type so that the business logic of enriching the type will be handled in the mule implementation of the restful API.

Contact API

  1. Develop RAML spec using API Designer that will have a  contact as a top level resource with GET method to retrieve the contact & POST method to create a contact.
  2. Implement the API by using MongoDB connector operations of Find Documents for GET method and Insert Documents for POST method.

MongoDB – Contact Collection 


  1. Use Atlas cloud offering of MongoDB and configure the connection string with the testuser in the connector interface.


  1. Setup initial Data in backend contact collection with 2 contacts [Test1 Doe, Test2 Doe] with a ‘Default’ contact type.

Expected Result

  • Contact App also shows 2 same contacts in the Contact List.
  • Create a contact with Contact App 1 with name as John Doe & type as Personal. Hit the Name, Type button.

Expected Result

  • New Contact with the same name & type should be added to the contact collection and also be added to the contact list on Contact App.
  • Create a contact with Contact App 2 with name as Jane Doe. Hit the Name button.

Expected Result

  • New Contact with the same name & ‘Default’ type should be added to the contact collection and also be displayed in the contact list on Contact App.

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