Features Of Salesforce Outlook Integration

Author: Mayank Singh Kandari

Create Salesforce Records from Outlook – Create an Event and see two way sync in action
  1. Click on the dropdown highlighted in the image below to select the object record to be created.
  1. Some of the fields will be automatically fetched from email. Creating an event. Subject, Name of the Contact, Account will be auto-fetched from email.
  1. Event is created in salesforce as depicted in the below image.
  1. Calendar and Events are synced in Salesforce and Outlook Calendar. This is how two way sync works using Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture.
Use Salesforce Email templates to compose new Emails in Outlook
  1. Click on Compose an Email and click on Salesforce add-in. Search for the email template you want to use.
  1. Click on the template you want to use in your email and fill in the required fields.
  1. The email template will be inserted with merge fields in the email body and email subject will be inserted as well. As depicted in the image below.
Log Emails in Salesforce while sending an Email
  1. Click on Log Email on Send to log an email into salesforce from Outlook.
  1. Search for the Account you want to log the email to and click on save.
  1. Email is logged into Salesforce for the selected account as depicted in below image.
Add a new Contact/Lead after Sending or while sending an Email
  1. Click on Add to Salesforce below the email address. A dropdown will come to add new Contact and new Lead. Select the feasible option from them.
  1. Fill in the required details for New Contact/ New Lead. Click on save and it’s created.
  1. Contact, Accounts, Opportunities related to Emails will be available in the Related Lists.

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