Financial Org Utilizes MuleSoft with Fusion Public Cloud

In May 2019, a financial services firm headquartered in New York, New York reached out to Apisero to assist in integrating the MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™ with their current content management system.

The Challenge

When Apisero began this engagement, the organization’s current vendor management infrastructure was composed of various Oracle Applications that maintained their financial management data. The system required a continuous connection to their content management system, Alfresco, through Oracle SOA Suites.


To enhance their framework in future deliveries, the organization wanted to move their current financial system to the Cloud as a SaaS offering, while maintaining their integration with Alfresco. Additionally, they desired VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connectivity that would allow their system APIs in CloudHub to connect and sync with their current network. They also requested a CI/CD framework that would allow their teams to improve applications frequently with fast and reliable delivery results.


Working with hundreds of thousands of client financial data, the organization needed a robust system capable of providing fast and reliable delivery results


New York, NY


Financial Services

Company Size

500+ Employees


  • Setup and configured MuleSoft® VPN, VPC, and DLB
  • Developed CI/CD to assist with real-time delivery of services

The Solution

To begin the project, Apisero needed to setup and configure the respective MuleSoft® VPN, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and the Dedicated Load Balancer (DLB) that would allow the system APIs in CloudHub to connect with the organization’s current network.


Following API-led connectivity, Apisero utilized MuleSoft® to build a framework for the organization that would allow for API reuse in current and future use cases. Combining this with the newly developed CI/CD pipeline, Apisero was able to complete the project and deliver a live demo of integration code working with Fusion Public Cloud before the required delivery date.


Moreover, Apisero was also able to provide a framework for common logging and exception handling to be used with all future APIs. By creating a well-established and stable MuleSoft® foundation, Apisero was also able to significantly reduce the required development time of the organization’s future delivery projects, saving them time, money, and potential resources.

The Results

The solutions and services that the Apisero team developed have assisted the client in creating a well-defined blueprint of API development & deployment. The integration with Fusion Public Cloud was a success and the work was completed well before the scheduled delivery date. 


Having a stable MuleSoft® foundation with reusable APIs has set the client up to successfully build other integrations such as CRM to OSSCR, Documaker, etc. to coincide with their future project requirements.


  • Created framework for common logging and exception handling
  • Developed reusable APIs following API Led Connectivity
  • Implemented CI/CD process
  • Achieved VPN Connectivity with current network

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