Generating Flow Diagram from Mule XML File

Author: Abhijeet Kumar

This blog will show you how to generate a flow image from a flow to document and how to brief someone about the working of flow.

In some instances, I’ve seen a scenario where we need to give a demo about our flow, but sometimes, we miss covering something important. In that scenario, we can just create this generated graph to look into the flow working.

This flow diagram will tell us how flows and subflows are linked to each other and many more. So let’s see how we can generate the flow diagram…

For this flow diagram, we need to install an external jar in our system jar link

  • Download this zip into your system.
  • Add muleflowdiagrams<version>/bin folder into your $PATH.
  • To check whether muleflowdiagrams added to path or not , run the following command muleflowdiagrams –version
  • Now go to your project directory for which project you want to generate the graph and copy the path of that directory.
  • Open cmd in administrator mode and run the following command muleflowdiagrams <dir> -d GRAPH.
  • This command will generate an image file into the project directory with a graph diagram of the flows as shown below.

Optional arguments in command

Target directory to output generated diagram can be specified with -t {directoryPath} option.

The file name for diagram is mule-diagram.png  by default and this can be changed by specifying -o {filename} argument in the command.


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