How MuleSoft & Apisero Are Powering Community Through Digital Transformation Initiatives

Authors: Vijay Rao and Savannah Williamson

Harnessing the power of API-led connectivity, MuleSoft offers businesses today one of the most innovative integration solutions. At Apisero, we are always eager to help our customers enhance, optimize, and build robust tech stacks that accelerate digital transformation and create connected customer experiences. MuleSoft allows us to do just that.

One of Apisero’s core missions is to ensure the continued growth and development of our partner ecosystems, which is why we are leveraging our MuleSoft partnership to empower communities worldwide in the use of this leading integration technology.

Through community initiatives like our How to Mule series, VRVSS scholarship program, and MuleSoft Meetups, we have our eyes on a future that is more connected, more innovative, and, ultimately, more human.

MuleSoft: an industry leader in modern integration solutions

As an integration platform, MuleSoft is part methodology and part software—from a technology perspective, it allows companies to take a modern, cloud-based approach to digital transformation. As a methodology, MuleSoft uniquely advocates for API-led connectivity, providing immense value for both developers and end customers.

In fact, MuleSoft is one of the only industry leaders that has assembled both methodology and standardization around that methodology. This makes for a more robust platform that truly enables end-customer innovation.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, in particular, is highly intuitive. It allows developers to build full lifecycles of API development—from design to deployment—in a single platform. Given that legacy platforms often require developers to assemble tools from different sources, this is a huge advantage for customers seeking efficient and reusable approaches to digital transformation.

We’ve created an entire practice around MuleSoft technology for these reasons. We’ve witnessed firsthand how MuleSoft has enabled the development and business teams of our customers, which is why we’re taking steps to bring the Anypoint Platform and developer skillset to communities everywhere.

Apisero: empowering community with MuleSoft through DX initiatives

We believe that part of MuleSoft’s power lies in its capacity to bring great tools and great minds together. We aim to further this capacity by helping developers and users become more skilled in the language of MuleSoft and what it can do for innovation at any scale.

Apisero currently leads 17 active MuleSoft Meetup groups around the world, from Phoenix, Arizona to Jaipur, India. Meetup groups connect anyone who is using the platform—or those who are interested in doing so—in an effort to build community around MuleSoft technologies. Meetup groups empower users in their implementation of the MuleSoft platform, advise on best use practices, and offer insight into the latest platform updates. Apisero Meetup leaders are incredibly active and engaged with their respective groups, and are frequently featured in MuleSoft’s Top Community Contributors newsletter each quarter. Our goal is to lead 25 MuleSoft Meetup groups by the end of 2021. You can join the growing developer community here.

This May, we also launched Apisero’s How to Mule webinar program—a developer-centric series designed to enable aspiring MuleSoft architects and developers with the tools they need to pursue more meaningful careers. This series emerged from a key observation: as older, legacy technologies decline and demand for modern integration solutions increases, many developers are realizing that the skills they possess are no longer in demand.

How to Mule, a collaboration between Apisero’s core marketing and enablement teams, is our answer to this issue. An end-to-end program that encompasses both a high-level overview of MuleSoft and targeted breakout sessions led by MuleSoft certified instructors, this series helps individuals from any technology background re-skill into MuleSoft and earn their developer certifications so that more customers can take advantage of MuleSoft technologies.

In showcasing live customer and developer success stories, guiding users in best practices, and providing free workshops and training resources, How to Mule gives developers the hands-on experience and certification knowledge they need to transition from legacy technologies and accelerate their careers.

Similarly designed to enable community through the power of MuleSoft, Apisero’s Venkat Rao and Vatti Sriranganayukulu Scholarship (VRVSS) program helps underrepresented individuals and those struggling to find employment in the broader developer community become MuleSoft certified through a 6-12 month holistic training program. In 2020, VRVSS empowered 100 individuals to unlock new opportunities as MuleSoft certified developers. By the end of this year, we aim to scale the program to empower more than 250 global candidates.

MuleSoft named Apisero the recipient of the first-ever Global Humanitarian Partner of the Year award in recognition of the impact driven by its VRVSS program.

Together: a more humanitarian and connected future

As much as it is about innovation, the MuleSoft platform is about connectivity—helping IT and line of business teams work together to create better experiences for everyone in an organization, including end-customers. This kind of connectivity is behind Apisero’s upcoming initiative, SeroSocial Impact, designed to open non-technical professional pathways for young people in rural communities.

In its effort to help high school graduates pursue careers in non-technical areas like sales, marketing, and project management, SeroSocial Impact will work as a complement to Apisero’s VRVSS program, which creates technical jobs for disadvantaged individuals. The initiative will begin in rural North Carolina and extend to other, more isolated communities where exposure to the IT sector is often limited or nonexistent. SeroSocial Impact employees will ultimately acquire a college degree, work experience, and other resources they need to launch viable, impactful careers in the SaaS industry.

At Apisero, we’re proud to be a part of the growing, vibrant MuleSoft ecosystem, which offers endless resources for those interested in joining the community at any stage of their MuleSoft journey. Whether you’re eager to connect with a MuleSoft community mentor, participate in a MuleSoft hackathon, or hone your developer skills through our How to Mule series, this ecosystem offers everyone an opportunity for transformation.

Interested in learning more about MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform? Check out the on-demand CONNECT session Getting Started with Anypoint Platform to see the latest product innovations in action.

Savannah is the Global Head of Marketing at Apisero. With nearly half a decade of experience building the Apisero brand, Savannah is responsible for driving the company’s global marketing efforts, strategy, and execution across all marketing channels.

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