How To Configure Lead Conversion To Assign Default Opportunity Stage

Author: Dilsha Khan

What is Lead Conversion?

Lead conversion in Salesforce is a process in which a lead record is converted into Accounts, Contacts, & Opportunities. This happens when a lead is identified as a qualified Sales prospect.

When is a lead converted?
  • A contact, account, & opportunity are created and populated with the lead’s data (unless otherwise specified during conversion).
  • The lead field “Converted” is changed from false to true.

After the conversion, the lead record cannot be viewed or edited as a lead but it can be viewed in reports as a lead which means the record is still present. The data within standard lead fields are automatically transferred to contact, account, and/or opportunity. For the data within custom lead fields to transfer to the contact, account, or opportunity during lead conversion, the administrator must map the custom lead fields.

Now, let’s see how we can configure Lead conversion to assign the default Opportunity Stage.

For example in this scenario, we want the Opportunity Stage which is converted from Lead to be defaulted to “Discovery” skipping Prospect Stage.

So this could be done by Flow:

Follow the below steps for the configuration:

  1. Create a checkbox field named “Converted to Opportunity” on Lead and make the default “checked.”
  2. Create a custom checkbox field on Opportunity and name it “Created from Lead.”
  3. Go to Lead mapping and map these two fields to each other.
  4. Make these fields Read Only or remove them from the Pagelayout.
  5. Go to Setup and Search for Flow.
  6. Click on “New Flow”.
  7. Make sure you select “Record Triggered Flow”.
  1. Select the Object as Opportunity and Configure Trigger as when a record is created.
  1. Take the decision element and fill in the below criteria.
  1. Take the Update Stage and fill in the below.

In this way, when an Opportunity is created via Lead Conversion, the default Stage would be Discovery skipping Prospect.

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