How to Configure Secure Properties in Mule 4 and Access Them Through Runtime Manager

Author: Preetam Deshmukh

  • Install Mule Secure Configuration Property Extension from Exchange in Mule Palette.
  • Once installed we will see the Secure Properties option in Mule Palette.
  • Create a properties file and define the properties which need to be secured in the properties file.

In below example we have created a file

  • Open the properties file with Mule Properties Editor
  • Double click on property Name and click on Encrypt
  • Select the Algorithm and mention the key which will be used to Decrypt the password in future.
  • Now will see password is Decrypted
  • Go to Global Elements or Config and create a Secure Properties Config
  • Select the Algorithm,key and file to be secured.

Please note – Algorithm and key should be similar to what we used while encrypting the password in the above step.

Mention the secure property in configuration with secure::(secureProperty) 

If we want to encrypt the property in Runtime Manager properties, add secureProperties key to mule-artifact.json.

If we want to access or change the secure property in Runtime properties use below


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