How To Connect To Greenhouse With Mule 4

Author: Prathamesh Kulkarni

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse consists of two products: Greenhouse Recruiting (GHR) and Greenhouse Onboarding (GHO). GHR is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and is heavily used by the Talent Acquisition Team. GHO is meant to help new hires go through processes like setting up benefits and signing legal documents.


After logging into Greenhouse (, navigate to: Configure >> Dev Center >> API Credential Management.

1. Create API key.

2. Choose ‘Harvest API,’ add a description, and click on ‘Manage Permissions.’

What is Harvest API?

It is used to enable clients to export their data from Greenhouse.

3. Choose permissions and click “Save.”

API Key Usage:

Once access is provided, we can then use this token to access the underlying Harvest API.

Example for fetching list of departments from Greenhouse recruiting:

GET /v1/users HTTP/1.1.


Authorization: Basic ZDM5MmVl3jhTksdYzBjZW*****

The API key has to be base64 encoded after concatenating it with ‘:’.

i.e., if API key is : “abcxyz”

base64 encode “abcxyz:”

If you are using Postman, then in the Authorization tab, only add the API key as the username and leave the password blank.

Steps For Integration In Mule

1. Create a demo project in AnyPoint studio. Add an HTTP listener to trigger the flow.

2. Create one HTTP requester configuration for the –

3. To get users, have the endpoint/v1/users.

As mentioned earlier, Authorization will be Basic ++ base64 encoded Token.

Here is the sample response of Get Users:

Happy Learning!

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