How To Connect To NetSuite Through Anypoint Studio

Author: Ginni Madnani

In this article, we will learn how to configure the NetSuite connector in Anypoint Studio to make requests for v11 connectors and utilize the various operations available in the NetSuite connector v11.

Before proceeding further, one must confirm two things:

  1. To add the NetSuite connector module, select the “Add Modules” option from the Mule Palette.
  2. In the pom.xml file of the Mule project, ensure that the NetSuite Connector dependency version is 11.X.X.

3. To configure the NetSuite connector and establish a successful connection, the following values need to be passed.

1. Account Id:

To obtain the Account ID, follow the steps below:

  • .Go to NetSuite and then Setup → Company → Company Information 
  • Once you are on the Company Information page, you will be able to see the Account ID highlighted in the yellow box.

2. Consumer Key & Consumer Secret: 

To obtain the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, follow the steps below:

  • First, create a role and then link it to your specific user.
  • To create a role go to Setup -> User/Roles -> Manage Roles -> New.
  • Next, create the role and add the required permissions to it.
  • Then save the role.
  • Furthermore, integrate the created role with your user.
  • To integrate go to Setup ->Manage Integration -> New.
  • Here, you can view the list of all the integrations.
  • Furthermore, click on the “New” button tab to create a new integration.
  • NOTE: The token Authentication tab must be checked.
  • Once the user saves this integration, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be populated.

3. Token ID & Token Secret: 

To obtain the Token ID and Token Secret, follow the steps below:

  • Go to setup -> User/Roles -> Access Tokens -> New
  • Click on the “New Access Token” button.
  • Create a new access token and save it.
  • Once the access token is saved, the Token ID and Token Secret will be generated.
  • Now that we have successfully fetched all the required values, we will pass them into the NetSuite connector configuration, enabling us to establish a successful connection.

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