How To Loop Through Multi-Picklist Record Choice Sets In Salesforce Flows

Author: Rishabh Dubey

Requirement: We have two custom objects Class and Student, Class and students have a lookup relationship where Class is Parent Object.

We want to create a button on Class Object that will give us all the students in a multi select picklist who have Class field blank and once selected all the selected students should be added to that class as Related records.

Reason looping is required : The multi-select picklist component will return is as “Record1_ID;Record2_ID;Record3_ID;Record4_ID” as a text values and we will need to all these Ids in a collection to be able to use these Ids in our Flow.


1. Create a New Screen Flow and create a Record ID variable that will store the ID of current record (Class)

API Name : recordId

DataType : Text

Available for Input = True

Note:- API name is case sensitive.

2. Add a screen component then add a Multi select pick-list component on your screen name it Student List.

3. For choices create a Record choice set resource.

a. API Name – Student_list_with_Class_blank

b. Object – Student

c. Conditions – Class is null Equals True

d. Choice label – Name Field

e. Data Type text

f. Choice Value – id

4. Create a Text Variable that will store the results from Multiselect Component (API Name : StudentIDS)

5. Add an Assignment element in your Flow.

Label (API Name): Add_StudentIDS

StudentsIds Equal {!StudentList1}

StudentsIds Add ;

6. Create two formulas and One Collection.

Formula 1: First_ID

DataType: Text

Syntax: TRIM(LEFT({!StudentIDS}, FIND(“;”,{!StudentIDS})-1))

Formula 2: Remove_FirstID 

Data Type: Text

Syntax: TRIM(SUBSTITUTE({!StudentIDS},{!First_Id}+”;”,””))

Collection: StudentIDCollection

DataType: Text

Allow Multiple Values = True

7. Add an Assignment element to the flow.

Label: AddIDstoCollection


StudentIDCollection  Add  First_ID

StudentIds Equal Remove_FirstID

8. Add Decision to the Flow

Label: StudentIDsContainSemiColon

First Outcome 

Label: Yes

StdentIDS Contains ;

Rename Default Outcome to No

9. For yes Outcome connect to AddIDstoCollection element For No add a Loop

Label: Loop_StudentIDCollection

Collection Variable: StudentIDCollection

Direction: First to Last Record

10. For Each Item in the loop Add Get records

Label: GetStudentRecords

Object: Student 


ID equals Current Item in the loop

(Store only first record)

11. Add an Assignment element.

Label: Update_Student_Record


{!GetStudentRecords.Class__c} Equal Record ID

12. Create a record Collection Variable

Label: StudentList

Data Type: Record

Allow multiple values = True

13. Add assignment Element

Label: AddStudenttocollection


{!StudentList} Add Studentfrom{!GetStudentRecords}

14. After the last record from Flow add update records element

Label: Update Students

Select: Use the IDs and all field values from a record or record collection

Record Collection: Student List

15. Save & Activate the flow and create a button on Class Object to launch the flow.

Button on Class object

Label: Add Student

Detail Page button = True
Content Source :URl

URL: /flow/Add_Students?recordid={!Class__c.Id}?returl={!Class__c.Id}

Add the button to the page layout and you are all set. 

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