How To Use Entitlements And Milestones To Meet SLA And Provide Timely Support To Your Customers

Author: Rishabh Dubey

Entitlement is a Standard object in salesforce with Master detail relationship with Account. 

Entitlement records will help your service reps and backend automations to the customer is eligible for, what all different types of supports.

For example all Accounts are eligible for Standard support and the Accounts who are paying 99$ monthly extra are eligible for premium support and the Accounts which are Paying 199$ monthly extra are eligible for premium plus support.

Entitlement records have a lookup field for Entitlement process (The Entitlement Process will determine the milestone the service reps need to follow on case)


Milestones are major steps in your Support process that sales reps need to follow in a timely manner. Consider these milestones as SLA. Milestones can be defined with a countdown to ensure certain key steps in the support process are being met in a timely manner.

For example the customer with Standard support will get the first response in 2 days and resolution time is 7 days.

The Customer with Premium support will get the first response in 1 day and resolution time is 5 days.

The customer with Premium Plus support will get the first response in 6 hours and resolution time is 3 days.

Entitlement Process:

Entitlement processes are timelines that include all the steps (or milestones) that your support team must complete to resolve cases.

Note: it’s important here to note that: Entitlements can be independent from Milestones, but Milestones require an Entitlement Process! You can have Entitlements enabled without an Entitlement Process with Milestones.

How Entitlements, Entitlement Process and Milestones work together 

Setting Up Entitlements and Milestones in Salesforce

Step 1. Go to set up search for Entitlement settings and click on Enable Entitlement Management to enable Entitlement.

Step 2. Add entitlement related list on Account layouts

a. Go to object manger

b. Account

c. Page layouts

d. Click on Account layout and add the Entitlement related list on Account layout.

Step 3: Adjust FLS for Entitlement Name,Entitlement Process End Time,Entitlement Process Start Time fields on case object and add these fields to case layout.

Step 4: Create Milestones

a. Go to setup search for milestones and click on New Milestone

b. Name = First response to customer

c. Description = “Optional”

d. Recurrence type = No Recurrence

Recurrence Type: 

No Recurrence  = The milestone only occurs once on the support record.

Independent = The milestone occurs whenever the milestone criteria match the record criteria.

Sequential = The milestone occurs on repeat whenever the milestone criteria match the record criteria

e. Do the same for Case resolution

Step 5:  Create  3 entitlement processes. One for different types of support Plan

a. Go to setup

b. Search for entitlement process and click on new entitlement process

c. Entitlement process type = case

d. Entitlement process name = Premium Plus

e. Active = true

f. Case enters the process = based on case created date

g. Cases exists the process = based on when a case is closed

h. Business hours = Default

Step 6: Add Milestone to entitlement process

a. Click on new under milestone section of entitlement process

b. Milestone name = First response to the customer

c. Time trigger minutes = 360 (6 hours)

d. Start Time = entitlement process

e. Business hour = default

f. Order = 1 click on save

g. Click on save

h. Add another mile stones

i. Milestone name = Close case

j. Time trigger minutes = 4320 (72 hours)

k. Start Time = entitlement process

l. Business hour = default

m. Order = 2 

n. Click on save

Step 7: Click on Milestone name to Add Success, Warning and Violation Action

All workflows actions are available here

Step 8: Create the entitlement process for premium and standard support as well.

Step 9: Create Entitlement Record for the Accounts

a. Go to entitlement related list on Account click on new

b. Since this Account is eligible for Premium Plus support we will add Premium Plus entitlement process in Entitlement Process lookup field

Step 10. Create case from Entitlement

a. Click New on Case related list on Entitlement

Once the case is created. You will see the Milestone clock started running on the Milestone component. If the component is not added to record page please add the component to the record page

Once the service rep mark this milestone as complete the second Milestone (close case) will kick in

Note: We can create Automations that will automatically mark these milestones as complete when resps perform certain steps.

Note: Instead of creating a case from Entitlement related list we can Create Automation that will automatically update Entitlement Name field on Case with correct Entitlement from related case.

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