Hybrid Integration: Workday + MuleSoft

Author: Akshata Sawant

Workday is an on‑demand financial management and human capital management software.

It provides a way to oversee time tracking, procurement, employee data, financial accounting, and expense management at any time and anywhere.

Workday has provided a Workday Web Service (WWS) Directory in order to access Workday’s XSD and WSDL.


Make sure you’re using the latest workday version as sometimes workday service gets modified or deprecated in that case you may get “Failed to invoke” as the error message. The latest one is v34.0.

You can select your version and type of service and operations. There are around 44 services present. You can download XSD and WSDL as per your requirement for whichever service you’re working on and that’s all you need to know more about Workday service.

Workday Connector for MuleSoft

It’s super easy to get connected with Workday with the help of Workday Connector.

You’ll see a list of services. You can drag and drop the service which you wish to operate on.

I’ll be using the Human resources subcategory/module. Based on your use case and requirement you can choose any of the above modules.

You should be having following Workday details:

# Workday Info







Once that you’ve entered proper credentials and details, you can test your connection and you’ll get “Connection Successful”.

Now, once you have your connection configured, then you can select the operation you wish to perform.

In order to get more information about your operation you can go to: https://community.workday.com/sites/default/files/file-hosting/productionapi/index.html 

And select either WSDL or XSD, and it’ll be downloaded automatically.

I have selected the WSDL file and imported the project in SOAP UI.

Once, I select my WSDL file the entire Project will be loaded and I can choose the operation and work on the request and response.

I can manipulate the fields which I wish to include and test out the results.

Also, while working with a Workday Connector in Studio, Dataweave Sense makes your work easy for transformation.

So, do check checkout amazing functionalities offered by Workday Connector with MuleSoft. Thus, making Integration with MuleSoft much easier.

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