Implement nJAMS in Mule 4

Author: Gajanan

In this blog, we will try to learn how to implement nJAMS Client in Mule 4 applications.

What is nJAMS ?

nJAMS is not Just Another Monitoring Solution. It provides you with a highly transparent view of all aspects of your business transactions.

nJAMS helps businesses effectively monitor end-to-end process execution in highly demanding environments and measure business outcomes – across integration platforms, enterprise applications and cloud services.

nJAMS is a product of Integration Matters and is MuleSoft Certified Product and one of the MuleSoft Partners.

In simple words, nJAMS works in connection with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and provides end-to-end visibility to key business processes. All business events, network events, etc., are collected, correlated, processed and visualized in detail.

Install and Setup nJAMS Client in Mule

Go to to create your nJAMS account.

After signing up, click on Start njams Client setup guide.

Click on download.

Extract the Zip file and keep it somewhere as we need to add this certificate to our project.

Now to install njams in your Anypoint Studio, Go to Help and Select Install New Software, and then add the following URL to download the nJAMS Client for Mule 4.

Name: nJAMS Client and Location:

Once you’ve installed the nJAMS Client, restart the Anypoint Studio.

Right click on the project root folder and navigate to nJAMS to install the nJAMS Connector and add the certificates.

Select the nJAMS Client Version.

Now, browse the certificates path that we downloaded in the previous section.

Then refresh the project. Now you can see a few folders and the global.xml added to your project automatically.

Sample Application with nJams:

Create sample Mule application.

nJAMS will replicate the same flow diagram in nJAMS Cloud.

Open your nJAMS Cloud instance and see the nJAMS Web UI.

There are no processes running which means that no data is pushed to nJAMS. So, we will deploy the application and do one transaction.

To check what we received and what we sent back, we need to enable the trace. We can enable trace for all nodes or just for one node as well.


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