Isagenix develops Digital E-Commerce Platform

The Challenge

Isagenix, an internationally recognized provider of meal replacement products for the fitness community, sought to implement a complete digital transformation of their home-grown Ecommerce site in an effort to scale their web presence globally.

Their old Ecommerce system (IsaNet) was hobbled together using Microsoft technologies including:

  • ASP.Net
  • MS-SQL Server
  • C#

Isagenix had just completed installation of the new Salesforce Service Cloud CRM system and needed a solution for integrations between systems as well as an API solution to expose system data. One of the main concerns was their desire for a continous ability to add new features in an agile way.

Additionally, Data changes in Salesforce Service Cloud (such as member or order data) needed to efficiently sync to IsaNet and Hybris Data changes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (notifications etc.) needed an ability to sync to both IsaNet and Hyrbs. 

The Solution: Digital Transformation of E-Commerce Platform

After purchasing the MuleSoft product, Apisero assisted Isagenix with the implementation of MuleSoft 3.9 and utilized the Anypoint Platform and our custom Hybris Connector to integrate the SAP Hybris eCommorce platform with the remainder of Isagenix’s systems utilizing:

• Anypoint MQ

• MuleSoft 3-layer API approach

Apisero's team developed system APIs to provide capabilities by exposing system data such as documentation, order, member, storage, configuration, and genealogy. The team also developed a procedure to reuse system APIs and provide abstracted processing capabilities for particular business processes such as payment, commission, shipping, notification, tax, etc.

Apisero further assisted in the development of API common artifacts such as: Common RAML, Common Logging and Exception Handling Framework, and a Skeleton API template project. 

The Results

As a result, by utilizing the foundation and defined processes, Isagenix was able to ramp up their development team from 3 in house .Net developers to 15 Mulesoft developers within 3 months. Isagenix was also able to achieve full CICD (continous integration and testing) and adopt a TDD (test driven development) approach that streamlines development and deployment processes. This has allowed for improved quality control and shortened the overall delivery cycle time.

Isagenix anticipates that the achievements made during this integration process will allow them to more than double their Billion-dollar revenue stream in the upcoming 18-24 months.



  • The highest quality customer service requires a digital platform capable of global expansion
  • Isagenix's existing solution included various Microsoft technologies merged together. This resulted in a disjointed platform and an inability for international scaling


  • Utilized MuleSoft Anypoint MQ and a 3-layer API approach
  • Developed procedure for API reuse and system APIs
  • Provided business processing capabilities to assist with payment, shipping, commission etc


  • Increased development team from 3 (in house) .Net developers to 15 MuleSoft developers in 3 months
  • Achieved CI/CD
  • Adopted TDD approach system for deployment and development processes

"We chose to partner with Apisero not only because they are experts in the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, but also their expertise was vital in our Digital Transformation journey to ensure our API architecture and C4E implementation followed industry-best practices in areas such as DevOps and Release Management."

- Erl Egestad, Isagenix VP of Architecture