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NetSuite Connector 11.5.X

Author: Pankuri Bansal

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a software company that has developed a cloud-based business management platform used by more than 31,000 fast-growing global organizations. That platform consists of a suite of applications that help companies run their business, understand the performance of their businesses and drive significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

NetSuite uses the software as a service (SaaS) model: Customers pay a subscription fee to access the technology but are not responsible for any underlying infrastructure or system maintenance, including purchasing and setting up servers, installing software, or testing deploying patches and upgrades. Oracle NetSuite handles all of that for customers, with two new software updates per year.

Connecting NetSuite With MuleSoft

Updates In Netsuite

NetSuite connector(v10) provided two ways of Authentication to connect NetSuite

Here it works on both REST and SOAP ports in the configuration settings.   

  • Request-based authentication.
  • Token authentication.

NetSuite connector(v11) provided two ways of Authentication to connect NetSuite.

There is a new field “SOAP port” in the configuration settings. The parameter defines the version of the WSDL used. The port must be the same as the one used in the Namespaces.

  • Token authentication
Netsuite Configuration (v11.X):
  • Wsdl Version:- Select your version dropdown.
  • SOAP Port:- You can see it’s written there in translucent color. Just Change the year with the current year over there. 
Netsuite Operation: 


Use case 1: Searching item records in NetSuite


Step1: Drag and drop the HTTP Listener from Mule Palette and set up the configuration for that.

Step2: Drag and drop the Transform Message. In this, we write the Script for the SEARCH Operation (using the “is” operator – we can use any operator like “lessThan”, “startswith” etc.


  • Go to ADD MODULES in Mule Pallete and Drag and drop Netsuite Module in that.
  • Drag and drop Search Netsuite Connector in the Canvas and setup the Netsuite configuration defined above with the key: ItemSearchBasic( we can use any Key for Items according to our criteria)

Step4: Drag and Drop Transform Message. Mark as Payload

Step5: Put Logger for clarification that data fetches successfully.

Step 6:- Deploy and Run the application.


  • Hit the Url in the Postman.
  • For now, we are getting only Header Records From Item Search.
  • To Unable to Line Records as well we need to make some changes to SEARCH Connector.

Go to search Preferences in the connector then set it as false both from the dropdown.

Save and Redeploy the application. Now, you can see line Records. 

Refers for more Operations:


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