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Presidio Streamlines HR Systems with CloudHub

Presidio is a cutting edge IT solutions provider operating across +60 countries. With hundreds of internal/legacy systems, cooperation between the systems is paramount to ensuring efficient streamlining for Presidio’s international operations. However, a few of Presidio’s systems followed tedious and faulty manual procedures, and for a leading IT solutions provider in the modern API world, this was simply not acceptable.


Think of this use case through a Human Resources (HR) perspective: when a new employee joins a company, he/she needs to be registered in many systems (Ticketing, invoice systems, CMR systems etc.). The same now applies when the employee’s information is updated or if he/she are later terminated. These changes need to be propagated across a large number of related systems to ensure all teams are functioning as designed.


To solve this challenge, Apisero presented a unique API-led cloud-based Architecture that would assist connection between Presidio’s internal and external systems while following integration best practices. This 3-layered API approach would be hosted in MuleSoft® CloudHub and would interconnect all the systems required by Presidio’s HR team to deliver an efficient streamlined approach.


Now, when a new user is added to the main HR system, orchestration between APIs propagates this information across all the designated members of the integration.


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  • 3-Layer API approach using MuleSoft® CloudHub to interconnect all data systems
  • Slow transitional phase between manual data entry and full-automation to ensure security of critical data

The Solution

Data automation is a great tool to collect, update, and store information on your company’s operations. But what happens when your organization relies on the manual entry of data by processing clerks?
Prior to Apisero’s engagement, Presidio lacked a well-defined data system, with processing systems such as company HR, Ticketing, and Invoice external providers connected by the manual processing of clerks. This resulted in staff members copying files between network drives line by line – a practice prone to human error, typos, and low process performance.
To solve this obvious disconnect, Presidio and Apisero worked together to create a seamless transition process that would ensure critical data such as payroll and invoices was secure while streamlining the manual tasks to a fully-automated system using MuleSoft®.
Apisero developed an API-led cloud-based Architecture to help Presidio’s internal and external systems connect following modern best practices. Now, Presidio expects their Human Resources department to be able to perform more enriching tasks while, at the same time, increasing the thoroughness of the items processed and the quality and homogeneity of the data to be exchanged by the HR systems.

The Results

A crucial department to any organization, HR data management is key to ensuring optimal organization performance. Over an 8 week period, Apisero developed and fully-automated 8 integrations to replace tasks previously performed by human intervention. Now, Presidio’s HR data only requires management and occasional quality checks by staff members.


By creating an automated data management process using MuleSoft®, Presidio is now able to allocate their assets and budget more effectively, with department strategy (not data entry) being at the heart of their focus


  • Fully-automated HR data management with only occasional quality checks to be performed
  • Previous HR assets and budgets can now be more effectively allocated to key strategic areas of focus

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