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Salesforce Data Loader – Import & Export Data

Author: Dilsha Khan

What is data loader?

Data Loader is a client application that is used for the bulk import and export of data. Functions performed by the Data loader are DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT, UPSERT, and EXPORT. It is one of the key data migration tools. Data loader can be used to insert and mass deletes 50,000+ files in minutes.

How to install data loader?

To install the data loader follow the below steps:

  • Go to setup.
  • Search for “Data Management”.
  • Click on “Data Loader”.
  • You will be redirected to a screen where you can install the Salesforce Data Loader installation file.
  • Click on download and install it.
How to login on to data loader?

Once you install the data loader, you will have it on your desktop. Open it from the desktop and you will see the below screen:

Select any action as per your requirement. For example “Update”. You will have the below screen:

You can choose any one option from “OAuth” or “Password Authentication”.

The most commonly used is “OAuth”. Select “OAuth” and click on login and you will be redirected to the below screen:

Enter your Salesforce credentials and click on Log In.

What are the functions performed by the data loader?
  • Insert: It is used to create a record in Salesforce Org.
  • Update: It is used to edit or update any record, or fields in Salesforce Org.
  • Delete: It is used to delete records, reports, and dashboards.
  • Hard Delete: It is used to permanently delete records, reports, and dashboards.
  • Upsert: It is used to edit or create records in Salesforce Org.
  • Export: It is used to export records that exclude the recycling bin’s data.
  • Export all: It is used to export records which include the recycling bin’s data.
What are the pros of data loader?
  • The biggest advantage of a data loader is its time efficiency. It makes bulk data update in a few minutes which saves a lot of time for the industry.
  • Salesforce data loader is a tool with minimum complexities which means that a non-technical person can also use a data loader and understand its mapping and other functionalities.
  • The maximum batch size of the data loader is 200, which means 200 records can be updated in a single batch.
  • We can load 500000 data records in a single operation.
  • The export function is also an advantage for organisation to keep their backup safe.
What are the cons of data loader?
  • The data loader has to be downloaded externally which means that it takes up space in your system.
  • If you need to load more than 5,000,000 records, then you have to use another migration tool.

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