Salesforce Einstein Chatbot (Volume 1: How To Create Bot)

Author: Sivaprakash Sakthivel

A Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is an application to improve customer relationships. Chatbots can deflect easy cases, so agents can spend more time on complex issues. If there is any common question, customers can approach the chatbots instead of waiting for an agent to connect.

Prerequisites to Salesforce Einstein Chatbots
  • From setup, search ‘omnichannel settings’ and enable omnichannel, Search ‘Chat button’ and enable chat.
  • Click the Gear Icon and Navigate to Service setup.  
  • In recommended setup, click ‘View All’ and select ‘Chat With Customers’.
  • Enter queueName, name the group(Embedded Service), and select the respective users to add to the queue. Click Next.
  • Enter the RoutingConfiguration name and its Priority. Click Next.
  • Enter WorkItem and AgentCapacity. Click Next.
  • Enter the website URL where you want to put the chat.
  • For Example: https://*
  • We can select the type (Sales / Service / Contact). Click Next.
  • Select offline support if needed. When an agent is unavailable, offline support is used to create a case.
  • Click Next and finish the process.
  • From this ‘Chat With Customers’ setup, Routing configuration, chat button, Presence Configurations, and embedded service deployment everything will be created automatically.
Einstein Bot
  • From setup, search einstein bot and enable the bot
  • Click new and create a new bot and select ‘Standard Bot’.
  • Click ‘Start From Scratch’ and click Next.
  • Enter the bot name and language. Click Next.
  • Enter the Welcome message and menu items. Click Next.
  • Select the ‘embedded service deployment’ which is created from ‘Chat with customers’. Click Next.
  • Click Process and Finish.
  • You will be navigated to your bot.
  • Activate the bot and Preview it.
Bot Pre-chat Window Configuration
  • In Embedded service deployment, we are able to configure the pre-chat window of the bot.
  • From setup → embedded service deployment → Click view in our embedded service ‘TestBlog’ → Edit ‘chat settings’
  • From this selection, we can configure the pre-chat window.
  • If we select Sales, then in pre-chat window we are able to configure the Lead object fields.
  • If we select Service, then in the pre-chat window we are able to configure the Cases and Contact object fields.
  • If we select Just Contacts, then in the pre-chat window we are able to configure the Contact object fields.
  • Fields can be added and adjusted based on our wish.
  • If we don’t want to show the Pre-chat window, make Pre-chat InActive in the chat settings
Bot Deployment in Site
  • From the Embedded service code snippet, click the ‘Get Code’ and copy it.
  • From setup → search VisualForce page → click New to create
  • Paste our copied code snippet inside the <apex:page> and save it.
  • From setup → search site and click New to create a new site.
  • In site visualForce page, add our vf page.
  • Click the site URL to preview.
Bot Deployment in Community
  • From embedded service deployment → copy that code snippet and paste it in the new file(Notepad).
  • Add that file in the salesforce static resource (setup → static resource).
  • Search ‘All sites’ in setup → open All sites
  • Create new community and click the Builder.
  • In component, search Embedded service chat and drag it in community.
  • In the Snippet Settings File → enter the name of our static resource file.
  • Now we can see the Bot in the community.
  • Publish the community.
Einstein Bot Advantages
  • Quick case deflection – Chatbots can immediately answer specific questions for customers.
  • Reduced wait times.
  • Saved time for agents.
  • Efficient redirects for customer inquiries.

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