Salesforce/Outlook & Salesforce/Gmail Integration

Author: Mayank Singh Kandari

Salesforce, being one of the leading CRM technologies, provides varieties of efficient solutions for sales representatives to perform various functions in a go. Amongst those, one of the features it provides is Salesforce / Outlook and Salesforce / Gmail Integration, which is a suite of products that give sales reps the power to work from their email applications, while keeping Salesforce data up to date.

The integration provides Salesforce data directly within email applications and the outstanding ability to log emails and events in salesforce records. The most popular email hosts used are ‘Outlook’ and ‘G-Mail’. The integration feature is available for both of these applications. 


Outlook, an email application owned and managed by Microsoft is one of the widely used business email applications. With Integration of Salesforce and Outlook, sales representatives can perform their operations in a widely distributed manner. It provides the functionality to work parallely in salesforce and outlook without having to switch back between any of those applications. 

Some of the operations that a sales representative can perform are:

  1. Access salesforce features in Outlook.
  2. See and relate relevant salesforce content in Outlook.
  3. Directly access your salesforce tasks from email.
  4. Mark tasks as in-progress or complete as done in salesforce.
  5. Integration shows the records that match email addresses on events and email you have open making it more easier to work on them.
  6. Make updates to your records without ever having to leave your email.
  7. Add any unrecognized contact from an email into salesforce, never losing information about new contacts, keeping consistency.
  8. Add records to capture new opportunities, leads, tasks, events and any other salesforce object defined by your admin without leaving email. 
  9. Log an email to related people records, opportunities and accounts and custom object records.
  10. Search other people to log an email to.
  11. Use email templates ( classic and lightning ) created in salesforce to compose emails faster with consistent messaging.
  12. Sync calendar events between outlook and salesforce using Einstein Data Activity Capture.
  13. Einstein Activity Capture relates each email to a lead, Contact or opportunity.

These operations that can be performed by integration provide the out of the box features and increase the productivity of the sales rep. while eliminating the problem of redundancy.

  1. Click       , and select Setup.
  1. Search for Outlook in the Quick find box, select Outlook Integration and Sync.
  1. Enable Outlook Integration.
  1. Make sure Use Enhance Email with Outlook is selected.

  E. Make sure to add your custom domain, if any to let Salesforce Access Outlook from it.

  1. Login to Outlook and click on Get Adds-ins.
  1. Search for Salesforce in the find box and install Salesforce add-in.
  1. Select an email and click on Salesforce add-in in Outlook 365. Select the desired environment from dropdown –’Production or Sandbox’ and click on Log in to Salesforce.
  1. Below screen will appear. Enter username and password which is setup for the user in the Salesforce org.
  1. Below screen will appear, click on Confirm.
  1. Once the login is successful, you are all setup to work with an Integrated Salesforce Outlook Account.

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