ServiceNow Connector

Author: Nisha Kshirsagar

Mule provides ServiceNow connector to build connections between Mule runtime engine (Mule) and ServiceNow apps. To create Mule application to use ServiceNow following are steps:

  1. Create developer account at
  2. Under Manage —> Instance —> Create New instance.
  3. You will get username (as admin) and password at this stage. Change the password by using the provided link.

Instance will look like this. Jump this the URL given in instance. Click Incidents. Here all incidents will be listed. 

 The incident created by Mule flow will also be added here.

Steps to create Mule application:

  1. Build a simple flow as which will have a http listener as source. Drag and drop ServiceNow module and use Invoke connector from it.
  • Invoke connector’s configuration is as follows:  
  • Choose service as incident and operation as insert.
  • Input to Invoke is in xml form and it has fields like description, short_description, comments and state. 
  • Run the application and the following result is logged.

Search the incident number INC0010001 and search, you can see the incident is inserted successfully. 

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