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Steps To Setup Einstein Activity Capture

Author: Mayank Singh Kandari

  1. Click       , and select Setup.
  1. Search for permission in the Quick find box and select Permission Sets.
  1. Click on Standard Einstein Activity Capture.
  1. Click on Manage Assignments.
  1. Click on Add Assignments.
  1. Select Users to assign and click on Assign.
  1. Below screen will appear after that, make sure Message is Success and click on Done.
  1. Connect Email and Calendar Accounts

H.A. Click on profile icon and then settings.

H.B. Click on Connected AccountsEmail and Calendar Accounts

H.C. Below screen will appear. Click on New Account.

H.D. Below screen will appear. Click on Connect My MS Exchange Account.

  H.E. Below screen will appear. Input your email and password for outlook.

H.F. You will be able to see your connected Accounts. Salesforce Outlook sync is ready.

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