Thru and MuleSoft Integration (Part-1)

Author: Pritam Prakash

Modernize your solution – A one-stop solution to all your file transfer problems.

Example of MFT and iPaaS Integration with Thru and MuleSoft

A solution to consider in your search for MFT is Thru, a provider of cloud-based secure file transfer solutions. With Thru, companies can manage high volume file transfer workflows in the cloud, enable self-management for partners and quickly connect to integration flows in Anypoint Platform using the Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft. Uniting Thru and MuleSoft enables companies to easily exchange and process files across hundreds of internal and external endpoints with guaranteed delivery, self-service management for partners, enterprise-grade security and end-to-end visibility.

Figure 2 – A file transfer workflow in Thru that connects multiple SFTP endpoints with a single MuleSoft flow.

Figure 3 – File auditing stream in Thru (workflows integrated with MuleSoft show the MuleSoft logo)

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