Tom Loughran

Solutions Architect

The last 25 years I have been immersed in the technology industry solving complex problems across many verticals including banking, healthcare, retail, financial services, federal government, energy, pharma, telecom to name a few.  Including the 1996 Olympics.  

I have had the privilege to deliver innovative solutions in some of the worlds largest companies. These solutions begin with a solid software foundation of integration, data quality, and enterprise data security technologies architected together in a symbiotic enterprise ecosystem.  Often building what people were vehemently sure could not be done.

I have consistently found myself at the top and have won numerous performance awards, President's Clubs, and Technical Certifications.  Stretching from the wire to the cloud. While a student at the University of Nebraska, I created a merchant credit card processing company. I am also the Co-founder of a software and services company that was acquired by Verso Technology and the founder of a services company, Infopath. I also created one of the first web based Professional Tax software and worked with the CIA on tapping fiber optic cables.