Track Sales Rep’s Yearly Goal Vs Sales By Report

Author: Rishabh Dubey

Requirement  – We want to track how much revenue sales reps have generated this year Vs how much their goal is. Suppose there is a sales rep who has  closed the opportunities worth  $100K this year but his goal is $200K. We want to add a bar chart that will show us his progress vs goal.

Step 1. Create a yearly Goal field on user Object.

  • Go to the object manager.
  • Click on user Object
  • Go to field and relationship click new.
  • Select Currency as data type.

Step 2. Go to user records and populate the yearly goal field for the individual user. If there are multiple users you can also use the data loader to update the Field.

Step 3. Create a new report

  1. a. Go to the reports Tab. click on the new report and select opportunity as the report type.
  2. b. Add filters to show me “All opportunities”, Close date “All time”, opportunity status “All time.”
  1. c.  Go to the outline section and group the rows by opportunity owner field.
  2. d. add amount and yearly goal to the columns and summarize the Amount by “Sum” and yearly goal by “Average”.
  1. e. Run the report and click on the add chart.
  2. f. select column as chart. 
  3. g. X axis should be opportunity owner and y axis should be Amount sum
  4. h. click on the add measure and add the average yearly goal as the measure.

i. The report is now completed and will show data as below.

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