Turn Support Emails Into Cases Automatically With On-Demand Email-To-Case

Author: Rishabh Dubey

Email-to-case feature in Salesforce enables you to convert the emails received at your support email address into cases. You can then inject these emails-turned-cases in your organization’s customer support queue and follow a systematic approach to track & resolve it.

Email-To-Case comes in two options.

  1. Email-To-Case
  2. On-Demand Email-To-Case

Here’s a quick comparison of both features.

Email-To-CaseOn-Demand Email-To-Case
Desktop client requiredDesktop client not required
Keeps email traffic inside network’s firewallKeeps email traffic outside network’s firewall
Accepts emails larger than 25 MBRefuses emails larger than 25 MB (including header, message & attachment)
Max. no of emails converted to Cases each day is 2500Max. no of emails converted to Cases each day depends on number of user licenses multiplied by 1,000, up to a daily maximum of 1,000,000

In this Article we will go through Step by step on how to Set up On demand email to case.

1.  Go to set up and then Email-to-case

2. Check Enable Email-to-Case and Enable On-Demand Service and click save

3. Scroll down to Routing Address and click on New.

4. Fill information in routing name, Email address (The email where your customer will be sending email for support), case owner, Priority, Case origin,

5. Salesforce will send an verification email to the Email address mentioned in routing email. You will have to verify the email address.

6. Salesforce will create a forwarding email address that you have to add in the email forwarding rule in your mailbox. All the email that will be forwarded to the new service address will be created as a case in salesforce.

7. To add the forwarding address to your mailbox go to your email click on settings click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP setting and add the Email Services Address to forwarding address.

8. The Verification code will be sent to the email service address and a case will be created in your salesforce Org and you can get the verification code from description.

9. To test the automation send an email to the Email address that you used for email to case.

10. A case will be created in Salesforce with the same subject from the email and the case description will be  updated by the Email body. The from email address will be populated on the web email field in case.

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